who i am

I am a software developer based in the Netherlands. I love working with embedded software and have a few years of full-stack development under my belt. Most of my time is spent tinkering with electronics, recreational programming and side projects. I'm a massive robotics enthusiast and have had the luck of meeting others who share this passion.

I have a decent collection of musical instruments, most of which i don't know how to play. The exception being the trombone and bass guitar.

what i do

quick words

I like to play around with provided assets like images and documents; however, I do not own licenses to the criminally expensive subscription based software suites that are often required for these kinds of files. I wish more assets were provided in non-proprietary file formats.

I disagree with the notion that newer is always better. There is a time and place for everything, but when your web page takes a full minute to load you must reassess your priorities. Besides, I really love the look of simple websites that don't have too much going on.

Any competent programmer should be comfortable using multiple programming languages for the same reason a carpenter should be comfortable using multiple types of tools. Hammering a nail using a wrench is equivalent to writing a web server in C or a kernel driver in PHP.

Brackets are placed in Suns variant of the K&R indentation style. Vim is better than Emacs, simply because it doesn't require a bachelors degree in wasting time to figure out. I prefer Gnome over KDE because I dislike overly complex setting panels. You can be an expert on any programming language and still dislike said language.